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Our System and How it Works!

PH water: is important when green cleaning. Alkaline water removes stains from carpeting, and acid water disinfects surfaces, electronics, and cleans mirrors, all without leaving behind any chemical residue. Our only cleaner is made by us!

Microfiber clothes: Traditional cleaners frequently rely on paper towels as a primary cleaning tool. Aside from massive deforestation, the manufacturing process of paper towels usually involves chlorine, a toxic chemical that releases carcinogenic dioxins and furans.  According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the paper industry is the 3rd largest industrial contributor to global warming.

Multi-Filtration Vacuums: The EPA estimates that indoor air quality can be 2 to 5 times worse than air quality outside, and most Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Conventional commercial vacuums are an indoor nightmare as they return 40% of the dirt they pick up. Our approach offers environmental vacuuming with HEPA to improve indoor air quality by removing 99.7% of germs and allergens (down to 0.3 microns).

String Mops vs. Steam Technology: Water conservation is critical for sustainability, energy conservation and habitat conservation. String mops and open buckets waste water because it’s open system where water becomes contaminated and needs to be disposed and refilled, depending on how quickly the water becomes soiled. Our 5% vapor steam mop eliminates germs on contact. less water is used than traditional mopping by 90%, Floors dry faster, and stay cleaner longer. Chemicals and soaps attract dirt to the surface and just add to the buildup, as well as the spreading of dirt and germs.


What A Relief is committed to our environment. It is our responsibility not only as individuals but as a company to properly dispose of waste materials, at home and at the office.




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