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Most people relate steam cleaning with hot extraction methods which are typically used.  What A Relief Steam Solutions uses TechnoVap Technology, emitting only 5% vapor steam, leaving your flooring and furniture dry in 15 minutes or less.  With only 5% water the process is worry free when it comes to mold or mildew.  No soap, no chemicals, just 380 degrees of STEAM!  Safe to use on any surface.

What A Relief works with your existing cleaning crew to insure sanitation, and indoor air quality, while restoring office furnishings to like new!  Maintaining a clean, organized and well-controlled environment is a necessity in keeping your business running smoothly, promoting a professional image while ensuring a safe and healthier work environment for your employees.

A free walk-thru of your office building will be provided upon appointment.  Our experienced staff can help you determine which areas and items need to be cleaned.  Once the estimate is ready,  we  will sit down with you to go over our results and make changes as needed.  **Discounts are available for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi annual cleaning contracts**


A single square yard of commercial grade carpeting can hold one pound of dirt over a one-week period and up to twice as much during inclement weather!

Our revolutionary system deep cleans wall to wall carpeting all while automatically pile lifting, resulting in complete restoration.  Without the use of detergents and chemicals, the risk of over wetting or leaving residue in the carpet is eliminated.  This means no chemical film left to attract dirt back to the area of the stains, with less moisture which can cause lingering odors.  The Result – a cleaner carpet!


Dirt and dust act like glass particles, cutting the small fibers of the fabric.  All yarns, regardless of reputation, are subjected to this abrasive action.  If you have upholstered furniture perhaps the best way to take care of the pieces is to preventive clean them.  If you don’t keep upholstery clean, dust and soil will eventually seep into the fabric and stuffing, encouraging fibers to disintegrate.


The average desk harbors 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. The phone at your desk harbors an average of 25,127 microbes per sq inch, keyboards as much as 3,295 microbes per sq inch, photocopier over 69 microbes per sq inch and a computer mouse with more than 1,676 microbes per sq inch.  Without regular cleaning, these microbes can survive anywhere from just 48 hours up to thousands of years!  With our cleaning program, we clean all of the items and more, including, door handles, light switches and virtually anything that gets touched.  Visit our chemical free page to learn more.

Sick building syndrome



Servicing the real estate industry by providing a thorough cleaning of all items in foreclosures, open houses, and for clients preparing homes for sale.  We fully understand your goal to move properties fast, enabling you to focus on marketing and selling properties.

Restoration / Construction Cleanup

Construction projects create a lot of debris, and when builders leave, the dust particles are left behind covering every surface in sight.  We offer full cleaning from floors to ceilings to remove all dirt and debris.  All types of  flooring and grout cleaning as well as furniture and surfaces.

Contact us today for your post construction or post restoration steam cleaning service today!

We recognize, every step we take to clean and disinfect your office impacts everyone that enters it! We want to support our customers in the building of a successful business through the implementation of the What A Relief Steam Cleaning System!


Commercial * Medical facilities * Banking Industry * Restaurants *  Churches * Child Care Facilities * Funeral Homes * Real Estate Industry * Construction * Restoration



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