Tri-Cities Cleaning Client Profile #1 – J.C.P.B.

Tri-Cities Cleaning Client Profile #1 – J.C.P.B.


Type of company: Power Board

Area of Specialty: Electricity

Size: Small to midsize company

Market: Johnson City, TN



Some of the carpet was in need of replacement, bathroom grout was completely discolored, and the granite flooring was in desperate need of restoration. Furniture had stains and surfaces had ink from printers and accumulated dust. Most cleaning crews do not touch desk surfaces so items are not lost, and people usually do not clean their work surfaces until they are sticking to them. Not realizing they are sitting in a pool of germs, and passing them around to everything they touch, and even bringing these germs home with them.

In order to keep furnishings looking like new, outside contractors are needed, as basic cleaning crews do not handle these sorts of tasks. They do not have the time, the equipment or permission to do so.



What a Relief Steam Solutions was contracted to clean the Johnson City Power Board over a 1 1/2 year period.  We worked alongside the current cleaning crew to cover the maximum area possible over the allotted amount of time.

We came up with a schedule which was unique to this clients needs. Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly cleanings took place. The common areas where cleaned once a month, including; carpets, surfaces, baseboards, office panels and all furniture. The less busy areas where cleaned Bi-monthly. Blinds and window sills where cleaned on a quarterly basis.




By the end of the 1 1/2 year period carpets no longer needed to be replaced, all leather and cloth furnishings were restored. Desk surfaces became more organized and tidy due to the regular cleanings, making for more efficient productivity. Dust levels also decreased dramatically,  which reduces allergy symptoms, germs, and chemicals that stick to surfaces.


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