When Choosing a Steam Cleaning Company

When Choosing a Steam Cleaning Company

When choosing a steam cleaning company in Johnson City, Tennessee there are a few things you need to know…

When people think of calling a steam cleaning company it is usually because they have a need.  This need could be to clean carpet, detail a car or even a piece of furniture.  All of those items are prime targets for Chemical Free Steam Cleaning, but what about office chairs, lobby furniture, office cubical panels and desk surfaces, prime areas where dirt stains and germs are present?

You can GOOGLE search the internet for local steam cleaning companies.  What you will actually find is hot water extraction services.  These services spot clean with chemicals, then shoot hot water containing more chemicals into your furnishings, followed by extraction.  This process take hours or even days to fully dry.  This can potentially lead to a mold or mildew problem, and also leave behind chemical residue.  These are prime reasons stains reappear.

Shouldn’t this change the way you think about cleaning your furnishings?

The EPA states that Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks.  Your carpet acts like a filter for your home or office, and just like a filter, it needs to be cleaned.  When your filter is full, it starts emitting unwanted particles and toxins into the air.  Regular steam cleaning is of the utmost importance.

What A Relief Steam Solutions uses only water to clean furnishings!  That’s right, just water!  But is very important to understand not only how we use water in our cleaning process, but the type of water used.

 One of two methods or both are used. The first is our super heated vapor steam machines.  Our machines heat up to 380 Degrees using PSI of 121.  Pressure and heat kill germs without the need of chemicals.  Our floor machine uses dual rotating brushes spinning in opposite directions to lift and scrub all side of carpet pile.  This machine uses alkaline water which is proven to remove stains better than chemicals, and without the residue.

We also use acid water which is proven to be a disinfectant.  We use this on commonly touched surfaces such as door handles and electronics which cannot be steamed.


Article on the disinfecting properties of acidic water…


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